The Bellevue Brand Book

Last Updated: 1/19/2021 7:49 PM

Bellevue Brand Book header image with "B" border

The Bellevue Brand is the face we show to the world. Our branding was thoughtfully created to reflect our mission and vision through a modern, professional lens. Below is a list of resources that staff may use to maintain consistent usage of the Bellevue brand in all external documents and communication.



Official Bellevue logos must be incorporated in some form on all materials distributed to an external audience, including the full brand logo, or the Bellevue "B."

Click the links below to access downloadable logos in .png image format. Right-click to save the image.

For additional logo images and colors, please contact Candace Gibson.

*The use of our Athletics logos is limited based upon copyright limitations. Please contact Jim Hicks if you have questions about usage rights.



The main body message of all external communication should be sleek and easy-to-read. DIN Pro is the preferred typeface of the BISD brand, but its usage is restricted to a limited number of licenses. When DIN Pro is not available, other neo-Grotesque style fonts may be used as a substitute. Below is a list of suggested substitute fonts:

Table of Alternative Fonts: Leelawadee, Century Gothic, Franklin Gothic Book, Arial, and Corbel



Slate Grey preview
C0 M0 Y0 K90  I  R65 G64 B66  I  #414042

Collegiate Gold preview color
C28 M47 Y93 K3  I  R184 G135 B57  I  #B88739

White preview color
C0 M0 Y0 K0  I  R255 G255 B255  I  #FFFFFF

Light Grey preview color

C0 M0 Y0 K40  I  R164 G169 B172  I  #A7A9AC

Bright Gold preview color
C0 M18 Y100 K3  I  R248 G200 B3  I  #F8C803

The primary color palette consisting of Slate Grey, Collegiate Gold, and White are used across all touchpoints BISD touchpoints. The primary color for body copy is Slate Grey.

Light Grey and Bright Gold are accent colors that should be used minimally. Light Grey can be used to deprioritize certain pieces of information when appropriate, and Bright Gold is a good bright accent choice for grade-specific communications.



The links below feature downloadable, branded templates and graphics available for staff use. 

Bellevue PowerPoint Slides
- For use in professional, external presentations, recruitment efforts, etc. 

Bellevue City Graphic

Bellevue B Square Pattern
- Great for borders