Non-Resident Student Enrollment Information

Last Updated: 5/10/2021 1:10 PM

Non-resident Student Info

Thank you for your interest in the Bellevue Independent School District. Students living outside of the district may attend the Bellevue Independent School District through a reciprocal agreement or our affordable tuition program.  

Non-resident students will be considered for enrollment if/when there is adequate space in the classrooms of that grade level and/or required programs. If space is available, cases are considered for acceptance based on the student and family meeting the following criteria:

  • Satisfactory academic progress and academic effort as determined by the school principal.
  • Meeting attendance policies of the district and not exceeding six unexcused absences events in a school year.
  • Behavior expectations of the Student Code of Conduct and student handbook.
  • Parent/guardians and students are cooperative and supportive in their working relationship with the school.  


The rate of tuition is $1,000 per school year, and may be paid in one or two payments.

Please click HERE to complete our interest form and you will be contacted by our Director of District Support Services, Mrs. Katrina Rechtin to discuss your options.